Settling into fall

We are having a busy fall this year, with both Mariana and Miguel doing fall sports at their respective schools. Mariana is on the 5/6 volleyball team at Orchard with coach Chelsea, and Miguel is now on the 7/8 soccer team at Sycamore.

During the day, everyone is at school, and Raisa and I get to relax on spend time together, and then in the afternoons we are dashing from one school/practice/game to the next.  Miguel’s team just had their second soccer victory in three years, which felt great.

Miguel, you are  settling into 7th grade at Sycamore and liking your classes.  You have been a little worried about your ability to handle geometry, but I am not worried at all. I am so proud of how independently you tackled that huge project of algebra this summer. You were determined and managed your workload so well.  I have total confidence in you to do geometry this year, and know that all of that logic and proofs are  right up your alley. It’s crazy that you’re going to be in high school so soon, and I hope that whatever  high school you go to is as good of a fit as Sycamore has been.

Mariana, you could not have had a smoother transition to the new school year at Orchard, and I’m so relieved for you, because you were worried before.  She has so many friends already, and she even is the 5th grade captain of the volleyball team.  It’s great to see how easily she has settled in there, because she was so worried, but they have done so many little things to make sure she fits in and transitions smoothly.

Nicolas  just keeps impressing me more and more with all of his learning and determination.    I love watching y


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