Grateful for my family!

I feel so grateful to get to spend time with all of you kids this summer!   During the school year, it never really feels like we get to catch up the way we do during the summer, when the days stretch out so long.

It is so amazing to just hang out with you all. I love having grown-up conversations with you, Miguel, about things like why Donald Trump is so scary, and about mathematical clocks and the temperature in kelvin. It cracks me up the way you insert mathematical into everyday conversations.   You very definitely know that a person who was born 1900 and died in 1950 was not necessarily 50 when they died (they could have been 49).  I love your precision in language and thought, because it feels so familiar and comfortable, and it just makes me feel like you’re one of us.

I also love laughing with you over MIT pranks and shirts that say, “There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.”

You told me the other day that you want to study electrical engineering, and that makes so much sense to me.

I also love how grown-up and sensitive and caring you are, Miguel. You’re not at all the stereotypical rebellious preteen — you are thoughtful and aware of other people, and you really care about your relationships with others, even your sister, who makes life hard on you. I’m hoping that, over the years, the two of you work through your differences, because over the long term, you are going to need to have each other to rely on.

Nicolas, every moment with you continues to be a joy.  You are so serious about learning everything you can about the world, and part of your learning is telling people about how the world works, and you are so serious and earnest that I just want to scoop you up. For example, I told you that there is a new kid, Toby, who is joining your class at school, and that he’s almost exactly your age, and he lives on island. So, five minutes later we picked up Annabelle, and you told her about Toby, who was joining your class and that he lived on an island.      You are also obsessed these days with I Spy and hidden pictures and the United States. [We watch Fifty Nifty, United States, over and over].   You also love talking about how it’s warmer in some parts of the world than others.   You know that the Northern sections of your United States puzzle are colder, so you can answer questions like, “Where is it colder, Texas or Canada?”   It’s really adorable.

You are also trying to figure out how to tell time, although you haven’t figured that out yet. You still think the second hand is the most important.

Mariana, you are such a great companion.    I love how you’re always up for outings, even boring-sounding ones like taking Raisa to the chiropractor.     I love the way we can plan things together, or you can come up with elaborate plans, for things like your birthday party, and I can help you carry them out.

I am so happy that you seem to be in such a good spot with your friends, with Anna and Annabelle, in particular.  I feel so sad that you were so miserable for so long in school, and I hope this year (at Orchard).

Our relationship means so much to me, and the thought of it disappearing, whether due to HD or teen angst, breaks my heart.

Raisa, you are just so amazingly delightful!  You are all smiles all the time, and you are just such a content and easygoing baby.  You are very charming, and bring joy to so many people.  When we go out, complete strangers smile at you, and say things like, “Thanks for making my day.”  All that you want is to be outside, and I wish I could spend more time outdoors with you. Unfortunately, it is so hot outside right now that we are kind of limited, but I’m hoping that as the weather cools down, we’ll have more opportunities to get out.

You are so interested in everything that is going on around you — I think we are going to spend lots of time this year at the Children’s Museum, the zoo, anyplace that you find interesting and engaging.   I feel honored to be raising you and to see that special smile that you save just for me. I love you so much!  There is nothing I would rather spend my time doing than taking care of you!


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