Miguel coming back from camp & celebrating Nicolas’ birthday.

Well, unfortunately, Nicolas, your birthday didn’t go as well as I had hoped, because you were still feeling sick.    We were going to go the zoo, but that fell through, and even though we planned a special birthday dinner for you with foods you requested specifically (hot dogs, pretzels, white cake, berries), I was worried you were going to miss it entirely because you were napping, and even when you came, you didn’t eat much. Here’s a picture of your birthday dinnerNicolas sad sick 5th birthday

You were so miserable, and I felt so bad for you!   Luckily, you get a full weekend of birthday festivities to make up for it!

Miguel you are coming back from Camp Eberhart today, and I’m so happy for you.

It was quiet being at home and having you away for two weeks.   I know you were a little nervous going there, and I’m hoping you had a great time, and made lots of new friends. I hope you enjoyed the two care packages we sent you (making cookies and brownies on a low-carb diet was a test of willpower!)

I feel bad that you’re not going to get much downtime when you get back, because we’ll have to basic teleport straight to Mimi and Grandpa’s house, for Nicolas’ birthday party.  I don’t know if Granny and Granddaddy will be there or not, and it’s so sad that Granddaddy doesn’t have that much more time left. He is just a gentle person and such a caring grandparent (and great-grandparent), and it’s going to be such a huge loss.

[I confess that I feel a little wistful thinking about his life because he has had such a long life and full of good health until the very end. He got to watch his children grow and have relationships with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   How nice it would be to have such a long, good life, and to know that all of you kids would live long, healthy, positive lives as well.]

I am grateful to have my family reunited and healthy again, and I’m also grateful to be feeling so good right now.   My symptoms feel so minor and manageable, and I am grateful to be able to continue doing all of the little things, and enjoying life.

Some more photos of the past few days:

Mariana, annabelle and Raisa
Mariana’s friend Annabelle came over, and they spent the day playing Battleship and Mastermind. They also made guacamole and  homemade tortilla chips, and they got picked out Raisa’s outfit and dressed her. 
Happy Raisa loves her sister
Raisa is so happy in Mariana’s arms! She loves and trusts her sister so much!

UPDATE: Here are a couple of pictures of Miguel back from Camp Eberhart, reuniting with his little sister.  Miguel, you loved camp but you also said that next year you just want to go for one week, so you can spend more time with us. Isn’t that sweet?    Miguel, you have such a gentle spirit, and I am so proud of you!

Raisa laughs in Miguel's arms
Raisa so happy to see Miguel again!

We also had a nice celebration for Nicolas’ birthday at Mimi and Grandpa’s, where he felt so much better than on his actual birthday.
Nicolas 5th Birthday






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