Internet Meanness, WTF?

A few days ago, I posted this question on a Facebook group.

“Anybody else doing IF for health reasons, particularly neurological disorders? Has it helped you manage your symptoms? I have Huntington’s Disease, and with 4 young kids depending on me, I’m eager to make any changes to my life that can realistically increase my odds of spending more time with them.”

And, I checked back and this was the only response:

“You had 4 kids knowing you had a terminal illness, and you’re only just now worrying about spending more time with them?”

At the time, I just laughed, because that reply was such a classic example of the kind of online cruelty that internet anonymity creates. But in the days since, I’ve been having troubles shaking that cruel reply off.

This is no game to me– this is deadly serious!  Why be cruel to someone asking for help in such a desperate situation.

I’ve organized my days to mimic all the things that delay dementia in rodent studies.  I’m taking supplements and doing almost daily cardio and learning something new, and meditating, and changing my diet, and fasting.  I’m devoting so much of my life to trying to slow this thing down so that maybe I’ll have another year as a sentient mother, and so that maybe just maybe I will hold out long enough to access drugs that will actual slow this disease down.

I am still on the fence about going public on Facebook, and comments like the one I got the other day really give me pause.

It does bother me that I can’t control how people will react, and I feel ashamed, even though it’s not my fault.





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