Emotional Rollercoaster of a week

What an intense week!  We had a lot of fun getting together with so much family at all of the festivities surrounding Kerry’s wedding.  It was really beautiful and special, and I wish Kerry and Jason so much joy in their future together.    I loved how relaxed everything was with the lawn games — croquet, Jenga, and badminton.     There were so many people who I was seeing for the first time since my diagnosis, and it was great to hear supporting, loving comments from so many people.   It made me feel embraced and cared for.

At the wedding reception, I knew that my Mariana was going to be living it up on the dance floor, but I was shocked, Nicolas, that you turned out to be such an enthusiastic dancer as well.  You were out there having fun dancing for so long.

People at the wedding kept commenting about how gentle and empathetic Miguel and Mariana were with the younger kids and others, and I could not have been more proud of you both, and about how warm and caring and loving you both are (except to each other, of course).

Although maybe even that is changing.  The other day, Mariana, you came to me crying late at night and told me that you have been thinking about how you used to get along with Miguel, but then you started going to school and getting bullied, and you were filled with anger, and had nobody to take your anger out on but Miguel. And you wanted to apologize, but were afraid, and asked me to apologize to him in your place.


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