Calm day today

Today,  not that much happened.    Mariana was still in Cleveland, Miguel and Nicolas had school and haircuts, so things were really quiet. I took Raisa on a beautiful spring walk to Butler, then dropped her off at Papa Tom’s so I could get  my hair cut, too. (We all have to look our best for Kerry’s wedding on Saturday!)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having parents who are both retired and close by — it makes having a baby so much easier!

Poor Raisa has her very first cold and hasn’t been feeling so great, but, this is how you build those immunities, right?   I’ve been trying to work on introducing a few sign language signs — nothing too major, yet.  It feels pretty awkward, but I guess with practice it will get better.

My knee has still been feeling weak today in that HD way, which is so scary.  When I was exercising today, but I still fell and cut my foot.

I’ve also been crazy tired today.  Unfortunately, for me being tired has taken on this sinister cast. It’s no longer just wholesome part of being the mom of a baby.  Instead, it’s another item in my Promotes-Inflammation-and-Shortens-My-Life category.  And, the worst part of it is, I’m not tired because was taking care of the baby. It’s because I was up late listening to podcasts on neuroscience. Sigh.

I feel grateful that my Dad watched Raisa.  He is such a loving, humble, unassuming person who has such a generous spirit.

I’m also grateful that I didn’t have to fast today, and I’m grateful the kids will be here in an hour or so.  I miss them all!

I’m also grateful to get to see my sisters and Jim and Trudy and all the extended family this weekend.  Some of them I haven’t seen in years.

Since I’m trying to cram in as much quality mom time in as short of a time as possible, last week, I started writing Nicolas in his lunch box.  A first time for everything, right?  But then I asked Nicolas if he wanted me to write him more notes, and he said, “no.” So I did eventually write him another note today. I’ll be curious to hear if he liked that one.

I wish I could just grab hold the time that we have and not let it go.  It’s scary to me that since my diagnosis I’ve let almost six months go by.   I want to slow time down so I can appreciate every moment.   I don’t ever want to let this go!



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