A lovely spring!

We have such a lovely few months, settling into life as a family of 6.  Mariana’s volleyball season wrapped and now Miguel and Mariana are both competing on two separate track teams (at ISI and Sycamore).

Nicolas, you are at the cutest age right now! You just love to explain how the world works to me.   Your need for order astounds me.  You decided on your own that each night before bed you will read exactly two books, and you’ve been following through on that.

One of your favorite things is to do Hidden Pictures and What’s Silly in Highlights, so which we read together, laughing and laughing.  You have just started reading, almost completely overnight.  You don’t seem to do much sounding out words — you started out by memorizing whole words.  Lots of them.  You went so quickly from pointing out the names of words to reading whole sentences, and your focus and confidence are amazing to watch.

Raisa, you’ve changed so much in the nearly three months you’ve been with us.   When you were born you were so nervous and uncertain about the world and your place in it.  You even seemed startled when I tried to cuddle you. But now you are so confident about the world, and what you want, and you let us know. You are always determined to look around and not miss anything.  You love being under the stained glass window, because it’s so many colors. You also love snuggling your mama, and you just settle down and relax when you’re near me.    You are also so focused on learning to talk. You are serious and focused about it, and you’ll just listen and listen and listen to me talk, and try to talk back.   I love watching your focus and determination.  And you’re super cute talking back to us.

We discovered that your head tilts to the side, and in fact, the whole side of your body is tight and hard for you to use.   Probably because when you were in my uterus, you were squished in one position.  So I’ve been taking you three times a week to the massage therapist, who is helping your body loosen up and become easier to use.

Miguel and Mariana are so good at taking care of you, they’re like parents to you, and Nicolas tries hard to take care of you, too.  He reads, and he brought you his doll to keep you company yesterday while you were sleeping.    You live a beautiful life surrounding by people who love so much.


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